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  • The Poetical Works of John Milton
    The Astolat Press, London 1904
    Engravings, Mezzotints and Copper Etchings by William Hyde
    320 x 245 x 45mm
    Bound 2010

    The book is covered in beige Goatskin with a sanded band encompassing both boards and spine. On the front and back covers there are two panels with inlays of goatskin, calf and suede. The endpapers are leather jointed with leather doublures, which are decorated with gold tooling and onlays. The horizontal blind lines from the front cover are extended in gold over the leather paste down and the Kozo paper fly leaves. The crucifix has at its centre a red cube, which represents the apple of temptation.

    The design was inspired by a stunning mezzotint of falling angels from the poem ‘Paradise Lost’. Triangles and dots are used to represent the angels in their most basic form as they tumble headlong into the abyss. The dark shadows and tumbling crevasses add tension and depth echoing man’s fall from paradise.
  • Looking Backward
    by Edward Bellamy
    Limited Editions Club, New York 1941
    Signed by the artist
    Bound 2010

    The book is covered in full chocolate goatskin with multiple inlays of suede, calf and goatskin. The outline of the design was then tooled and recess onlayed with strips of alum-tawed goatskin.

    The design evokes forward and backward movement simultaneously, reflecting the protagonist Julian West’s lurch from the year 1887 to 2000. The confused, insomnia-driven sense of reality he suffers is echoed by the distorted dimensional conflict. Within the opposing industrial framework on each board there are windows and views into a Utopian future and backward to the poverty stricken past.

    A Victorian palette inspired the colours chosen.
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After serving an apprenticeship at St. Andrews University Library, Derek went on to study printing and bookbinding at Napier College in Edinburgh, Scotland. He then spent 10 years working as a professional musician, recording and touring with bands like ‘The Auteurs’ and ‘All About Eve’.

In 1999 Derek returned to bookbinding, working as a binder/designer for Sangorski & Sutcliffe in London and Bayntun Rivière in Bath.

In 2010 he set up his own fine bookbinding business that specializes in all aspects of the craft. He is a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders and frequently teaches and lectures on their behalf.