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  • Mel Jefferson
  • Acrostics
    Bound 2007

    A limp, crossed-structure binding in laminated purple and grey Harmatan goatskin. Sewn on a concertina guard of Indian handmade paper painted with pink acrylics, as are the edges. Endleaves laminated with sanded tan goatskin.

    Raised onlaid lines of pink goatskin. Designs composed of feathered black goatskin onlays coated with acrylic gloss. External buttons of vellum and raised black goatskin in the lacunose style, treated with ‘brass’ burnishing wax and gold leaf. These form the letters of the title (front) and the author’s initials (back).
  • The History of England
    by Jane Austen
    A facsimile of her manuscript aged sixteen.
    The Folio Society, 1993.
    212mm x 172mm x 28mm
    Bound, 1994.

    A ‘limp’ binding in laminated goatskin with leather onlays and leather collage. Bound in two volumes joined at the foredge. A removable brass hinge-pin links the two spines. The first volume contains the Introduction and Facsimile whilst the second contains the Transcript and a reading of the text by Amelia Jarvis (aged 16) on a CD specially recorded and produced by the binder.

    Three-stage partially exposed sewing with wrap-around laminated flyleaves of paste paper and reversed suede. The edges of the text blocks are gilt ‘in the rough’.

    When the hinge-pin is removed, two cameos are revealed. These are leather collages based on illustrations from the book and depict Queen Elizabeth I (in negative) and Mary Queen Of Scots. Whilst in this format the two volumes may be opened side by side to compare Facsimile and Transcript.
  • The Legend of Gilgamesh
    woodcuts by Nicholas Parry
    Tern Press, 1992
    275 x 208mm
    bound 2009

    Crossed-structure binding in laminated native-dyed and beige Harmatan goatskin.

    Onlays of feathered gilded goatskin (outer) and inkjet-printed calfskin (inner). Green 'lacunose' buttons with frames of gold-plated brass.

    Single-stage sewing incorporating endbands. Head decorated with acrylic and flecks of gold and silver leaf.

    The front and rear designs are extrapolated from Nicholas Parry’s woodcuts. The inner designs represent the river Euphrates and the ancient city of Uruk. The colours denote heat, sun and desert, with the green representing the fertile land next to the river.

Mel has been binding in a very sporadic fashion since 1991. He produces one-off fine bindings, four of which have been awarded first prize in national and international competitions.

Structure forms an important part of Mel's approach to design, as illustrated by the bindings pictured here.

Mel is a past Editor of BOOKBINDER, the SoB journal (Vols. 12-14) and the current webmaster of both this site and that of Designer Bookbinders.