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  • Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    Bound 1998

    The design was built up by cutting and piecing the leather together; very much like a marquetry picture or jigsaw, fitting each piece in turn.

    I put a 'glitter' in the Mariner’s eye by setting a sapphire under the leather. The stone was then covered by the Mariner’s pupil which had a small hole cut in it. The sapphire is not immediately noticeable but when the book is moved about it catches the light and draws one’s eye to his.
  • From Rebel To Hero - 
The Image Of The Highlander 1745-1830
    Bound 1999

    The binding was built up with small pieces of leather placed over sculpted boards and sanded down to represent brush strokes of oil paint. The sculpturing was created by building up the boards with paper and sanding the edges to give the depth and effect of the flags hanging in folds. The sanding of the leather cut through the top surface and exposed a different shade underneath.

    The red dragon on the gold background is the flag of the House of Stewart, the banner the Jacobites fought under in 1745. The white saltire is, of course, the Scottish National flag which the Highland regiments fought under in the British Army. The background is a representation of the highlands and glens built up in the same manner as the flags.
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After completing his studies at the London College of Printing, Mark took up a job at the Bindery in the University of Aberdeen. He enjoys competition work but has recently been concentrating on repair and restoration coupled with a passion for teaching bookbinding. He has a small private bindery where he tutors individual students.