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  • Bewitched
    poems by James Tate
    Embers Handpress, Llangynog, 1989

    Bound in grey oasis. The front board has a grey suede onlay on top of a slightly larger one in thinly pared yellow goatskin, recessed into the board. This creates the illusion that the suede is floating above the board.

    The back board has a similar recess (in mirror image). A triangle was cut from the leather, pared, and a compensating triangle of card with a circular hole was glued into the gap. A labyrinth design was created in the circular hole using string. The pared triangle of leather was replaced and mouded around the string.

    The design is based on the frontispiece by Laurie Smith.
  • The Battle of the Trees
    by Cad Goddau
    translation: Meirion Pennar
    illustrations: Nicholas Parry
    Tern Press, 1992

    The front board has a recessed design based on celtic spiral patterns. Radial gold tooled lines highlight the raised section of this design, and the silhouette of a figure (based on one of the illustrations) appears where a paper mask was fixed to the book during tooling.
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Paul started binding about twenty years ago at an evening class at the Robinson Library (Newcastle University) bindery. Since then he has carried out many repairs and re-binds on his own books, some for friends, and many on a volunteer basis for the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

As can be seen here, he has also carried out designed bindings, usually for books bought in sheets from private presses, although he has had one commission. Since taking early retirement Paul has been able to carry out much more binding work.

Paul is one of the current editors of BOOKBINDER, the SoB journal.