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  • Seaport
    by Quentin Hughes
    The Bluecoat Press, 1993
    270 x 200 x 25mm
    Bound 2008 for Liverpool Public Library

    Bound with double boards covered in dark blue Pentland goat leather, onlaid with strips of impressed leather. The spine is covered in red leather with onlaid strips of alum tawed leather. Dark blue Pentland goat doublures are inlaid with mid blues vertical lines, the flyleaves are collaged blue Japanese paper. The edges were coloured in shades of blue with acrylic paint. Double core end bands were sewn in multicoloured silks, to match the onlays.

    This book tells the history of the architecture of Liverpool illustrated with black and white photographs.

    The design is based on the classical pillars fronting many of Liverpool’s most famous buildings. The coloured leather onlays are impressed with textures, which reflect aspects of Liverpool, including the docks, shipping and construction.
  • Through The Woods
    by H. E. Bates
    Illustrated by Agnes Miller Parker
    Victor Gollancz 1936, first edition
    260 x 197 x 28mm
    Bound 2010

    Bound with double boards covered in dark green calf, the spine is covered with white alum tawed goatskin. Both were airbrushed with green acrylic ink using ferns as stencils. Thin vertical strips of green and airbrushed leather were applied to the boards and the design continued onto the dark green Pentland goat doublures. The green Korean paper endpapers and book edges were also airbrushed through ferns. The double core endbands are sewn in matching silk.

    The book describes the progress of the seasons in a woodland environment. The design is inspired by images of woodland in the autumn with ferns and trees emerging from the mist.
  • Water
    Incline Press, 2008
    265 x 190 x 15mm
    Bound 2008

    The spine and board edges were first covered with dark blue leather; paste paper was then used to cover the boards, spine, doublures and flyleaves.

    Full thickness onlays of tan calf were impressed with fishing net and applied to the boards and doublures. The top edge was coloured with acrylic paint to match the paste paper. The double core silk end bands were sewn in shades of blue.

    The design for the onlays and paste paper was based on patterns made by the tide on sand at low tide.

Rachel studied Art, Design and Bookbinding at The University of Brighton from 1977 – 1981. After winning the Designer Bookbinders competition in 1980 and 2004 she was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2005.

Since leaving college she has worked as a self-employed bookbinder, setting up Bookbinders of Lewes in 1992.

Although a large proportion of Rachel’s current work involves the repair and rebinding of old books, her passion is creating fine, designed bindings.

'Texture has been a recurring influence on my work for many years. Recently I have been concentrating on this element of design, using found objects to impress the surface of the leather producing very tactile results.'