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  • Yehuda Miklaf
  • That's Not The Way
    Text from a story by John Cage
    Images by Gary Goldstein
    Jerusalem: Shalom Yehuda Press, 1992
    25 x 16 cm. 36 pp. 14 signed and numbered copies

    Full transparent vellum over printed boards. Linocut by Yehuda Miklaf with footprints of his daughter, Shoshi Fridlender.
  • La Kanto de la Kantoj de Solomano
    (The Song of Songs by Solomon [in Esperanto])
    Illustrated by Jethro Brice
    Jerusalem: Shalom Yehuda Press, 2000
    7.5 x 6 cm. 42 pp. 36 signed and numbered copies
    Translated, designed, printed and bound by Yehuda Miklaf

    A unique binding in full brown goatskin with rosewood panels inlaid with ivory and silver. Private collection, US

Yehuda began binding in Toronto in 1972 (when he was known as Seamas McClafferty) in an evening class with Emrys Evans.

He is largely self-taught, with constant help and encouragement from Emrys as well as Michael Wilcox and Anton Lucas.

After binding as a hobby for five years he set up as a professional in 1977. In 1986, he moved with his family to Jerusalem, where he has also established a private press, Shalom Yehuda Press.